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The rate of pedestrian-related traffic deaths is higher than you may think, with the number of pedestrian-related traffic deaths rising across the nation by 11 percent in 2017 to six-thousand fatalities. With the deadliest year for walkers in the previous two decades showing no signs of stopping, it’s a fact that pedestrians are at a high risk for injuries such as fractures, head and neck injuries, soft tissue injuries, amputations, injured extremities and emotional trauma. Death can result in the most extreme cases.

The news isn’t all bad. Pedestrian deaths fell by 11 percent in California last year, reversing an increasing trend in California since 2010, according to a report found in the Los Angeles Daily News.

The increase in pedestrian accidents, researchers say, is due to an increase in motor vehicle driver distractions, such as the use of smart phones (texting, searching, getting directions). It goes both ways: an increasing number of pedestrians walk along city streets with their heads down while looking at their phones, becoming so unaware of their surroundings and potential hazards that they can become victimized.

In addition, many people are choosing to walk to work and school rather than drive, a common occurrence in congested cities where the motor vehicle traffic is astronomical. While many feel it’s safer and quicker to walk to their destination than drive, this choice often puts them at a risk they’re not even aware of.

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Attorney Jacob Arisian brings a targeted focus to the area, as he knows the courts and the underhanded tactics of the insurance companies. As an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Fresno CA, he aims to get his clients as much compensation as he can, armed with a long history of providing local, personalized and skilled legal services. With a law firm located right in Fresno, you can rest assured Mr. Arisian treats each client as if they were a family member.

That’s because he brings an unwavering persistence, dedication for justice and a passion for the law to every case. Handling pedestrian accident injury cases means he has an in-depth knowledge of this area of the law. As such, having a personal injury attorney in Fresno by your side can maximize your recovery.

Because he is known and respected in legal circles, he has access to the best professionals to assists in your case, such as doctors who can help determine future healthcare needs to put a number on your compensation.

With Arisian Law Group, you don’t have to pay up until you win or settle. Mr. Arisian works hard for his clients, fueled by personal attention and aggressive representation throughout Fresno and surrounding areas. Choose Arisian Law Group for:

  • Personal, attentive service
  • Aggressive tactics to pursue maximum compensation
  • One lead attorney who handles your case personally
  • Refined focus on motorcycle accidents in and around Fresno
  • Local office
  • In-depth knowledge of Fresno personal injury law
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  • Handles all types of personal injury cases
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Why You Need a Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

Accidents involving pedestrians are complex, and are on the rise over motor vehicle accidents. The NHTSA says that in 2016, U.S. pedestrian fatalities rose faster than motorist fatalities. The CDC points out that there is one crash-related pedestrian death every 1.6 hours in this country. The costs for treatment of injuries can easily reach into the thousands and tens of thousands for more severe outcomes.

Injuries commonly associated with pedestrian accidents include:

  • Fractures
  • TBIs
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Amputations
  • Injured extremities
  • Internal injuries
  • Emotional trauma

Not surprisingly, these injuries are often associated with high price tags and long roads to recovery. Obtaining what you need from a financial point of view can help you get back on your feet quickly.

After experiencing a traumatic injury in a pedestrian accident and receiving the proper medical attention, your next call should be to a personal injury attorney in Fresno you can trust. Going up against the insurance companies on your own can have negative consequences later on. Insurance companies know how to navigate these waters. They know that most people will take their first, low lump sum amount quickly, allowing them to close the books on the case.

However, things aren’t that simple. You deserve more than that. The driver of the truck or car who hit you on a sidewalk or crossing the street can be held liable for injuries sustained in the accident. You may be unsure you even have a case. Many factors come into play when assigning blame in cases like these. It’s not always cut and dried. Arisian Law Group is here to help you determine the circumstances of the accident, take your injuries into account and lay down plans for the next steps.

Mr. Arisian works for YOU, looking out for your best interests in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. From wages and mental anguish to future earnings potential and ongoing health care needs, he and his team can help you recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

A lowball check from the insurance company isn’t going to cut it when it comes to handling all your future medical bills. Many people are victimized twice when they take a quick payout instead of fighting for the amount they truly deserve, to cover:

  • ER and doctor’s office bills
  • Vehicle damage
  • Surgery bills
  • Rehab
  • Lost wages
  • Chiropractic bills
  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse
Consequently, you need the services of a skilled personal injury attorney in Fresno CA who specializes in pedestrian accident injury cases.

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